An exciting new playground located on the Busselton ocean front. This cleverly designed playspace features a full sized ship complete with rigging, a submerged whale and oversized squid along with other climbing and sandpit equipment. All main features are illuminated to enable night time play, with fully weather proof RGB LED fixtures. The system plays a sea themed main show from sunset each night using PureLED Bullet RGBW (handrail lights – in the squid), PureLED addressable RGB and RGBW FlexTube on the ship and whale. The control programmed by Light Application changes every 5 minutes, a 60 second ‘flourish’ plays over the top that highlights various features around the playground or changes the whole palette temporarily, before reverting to the main show. There are 6 different flourishes that are rotated through. At 8pm each night the floods are automatically dimmed, and at 9:45pm the whole site very slowly ramps down in brightness until finally switching off completely at 10pm.

Client: City of Busselton
Architect: Plan E Landscape Architects
Builder: Phase 3
Electrical Consultant: Brand CDEP
Electrical Contractor: Prestige Jointing and Electrical
Photos: Light Application