pureLED was created to specialise in the Architectural lighting market

with a full range of Energy Saving products that could actually be controlled correctly. Many manufacturers produce great fixtures, but very few match their products with the correct drivers, the correct power supplies, and the full control abilities that everyone expects.

pureLED created the portfolio of the best products matched with driver, power supply and control so that the complete solution can be offered, a solution that is guaranteed to work together and to the full abilities that the market expect. We specialise in designing programmable systems that allow our clients to create a cost effective result, capable of a wide array of appropriate, visually appealing effects.
Programmable systems lend themselves to innovative designs and provide our clients with a variety of creative options. Whether you are looking for subtlety or extremely eye catching effects, pureLED has the ability to create and deliver results.
Where other products can be fixed in their uses, pureLED’s proven flexibility allows for a diverse range of applications on a variety of projects including fixed colour, changing colour, and waterproof options. We thoroughly test our products to make sure they are 100% dimmable and digitally controllable so they can be utilised to their full potential.