PureLED supplied the products used on the decorative lighting that adorns the iconic pedestrian bridge in East Perth linking Trafalgar road and Henry Lawson Walk.

The system is programmed to display dynamic light shows with vivid colour and fluid movement on a primarily autonomous basis. Seasonal and event programming is pre-loaded, with appropriate colour schemes and animated patterns automatically triggered at sunset on the appropriate days. Event shows include Australia Day green and gold, Remembrance Day red, a festive Christmas show in red, green and white and many more.

The bridge deck and suspenders are lined with a total of 280 metres of PureLED FlexTube Addressable and the towers are each lit with three PureLED Pixie 12s and one Pixie 18. A system outputs a combination of DMX to the tower uplights and Streaming ACN to a pair of PureLED Chameleon interfaces to drive the FlexTube addressable from an enclosure located under each tower.

Client: City of Perth

Photography: Artist Liaison